Tuesday, March 20, 2007


In the mid-90's, I decided I didn't want to hit 40 fat and out-of-shape. Back then my goal was to do an Ironman distance triathlon (2.4 mile swim/112 mile bike/26.2 mile run). A couple years of sprint and Olympic distance triathlons taught me a lot about training. I learned about swim technique and how to run faster....I also learned that I loved riding the bike! In 1997, I did Ironman Canada in 10 hours 19 minutes and realized that training for the race was considerably harder than the race itself. For a few years I bicycled for recreation without focusing on any serious racing or training. Recently that has changed and I've been training and riding with the racers. I am fortunate to live in Florida where I can train all year long with some of the most talented cyclists in the country. Central Florida has some great cycling routes, rolling hills out west in Clermont and the Windermere Roadies! (www.windermereroadies.com) Hard rides and laughter made training for a trip like this a blast! I have a job that demands a considerable amount of time, so I have to get pretty creative with training rides. Fortunately, the Wednesday night ride goes year-round as well with a route at the airport that is completely "under-the-lights"! This is a typical week for me:

Saturday ~ 70 miles with the middle 40 miles hammering with the racers
Sunday ~ 100 miles with middle 60 miles at tempo pace with hills
Wednesday night~ 50 to 60 miles fast!!!

Over the last 4 months I have added mileage and tried to put in 3 consecutive days whenever my work schedule allowed*.

Saturday - 102 miles as tempo
Sunday ~ 112-130 miles with the middle section at hard effort
Wednesday night~ 50 to 60 miles fast!
Friday ~ 80 to 100 miles

Big thanks to Hal & Cori Downing (www.luvbobbies.com) for doing so much for cycling in Central Florida, Manny Otero for keeping the "WRoadies" website the best source for cycling info and trash talking on the planet, Mike Starr and Todd Barczak for their company on many of those long rides home and the rest of my cycling buds for pushing the pace and helping get me into shape for this trip! And, of course...my wife for putting up with my long hours at work and long hours on the bike.

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