Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day 3 Blythe,Ca to Wickenberg,Az 117.4 miles

First a word about average speeds. I forgot to post it yesterday for Thousand Palms to was 18.4mph. Today was 17.89mph. Admittedly, not what you'd call flying...especially when you consider that most of our rides at home can have sections in excess of 30mph. Between the 10-15 mile long climbs and the headwinds the past two's been tough to keep it even close to 18mph! And tomorrow is an 11,000 feet of climbing into Cottonwood,Az.

I started the day with a flat. One of those microscopic wires from a blown-out steel belted radial had worked it's way thru my tire. These things are finer than a hair and sharp as a razor. The weather today was perfect. It's really our last day in the desert. Being from Florida, I hardly even broke into a sweat. We started off on I-10 for the first 30 miles...then onto Rt. 60. Rt. 60 has very little traffic and a wide bike lane. It is, however, 80 miles of absolutely dead straight road into Wickenberg.
A few fun sights along the way...and a ton vacant RV parks. Seems everyone clears out of the desert when summer approaches...good idea! It was pretty hot today...but it's a "dry heat"...ha!

Tomorrow will be tough. Gotta run get an ice pack on my knees...I'll need all the help I can get.


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