Friday, April 27, 2007

Day 5 pics

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED! Hey, Rest Areas are built for people going 80 mph in a car. When we gotta go…we gotta go!

My now famous after lunch dessert sandwich. 1 slice of bread…1/2 coated with peanut butter ½ with honey…the pile on the gorp mix…yummy!

Check out those switchbacks we climbed today. I could only capture 3 levels in this frame.

Rob aka: “Slide Rock” Seriously, that was his break-dancing nickname!

Trees at last! Today was a day filled with contrasts , from the desert to the Red Rocks of Sedona , to the mountains…and back into the desert.

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Todd said...

Oh man, that desert sandwich rocks. You should top it off w/ a banana if you ask me. Beats the hell out of bagels and peanut butter.