Friday, April 13, 2007

The magic of rest....

After last week's over-training wakeup call...I knew I was long overdue for a rest period. Last weekend I did 56 fast miles on Saturday...took a nap and ate...then spent the rest of the day doing yard work. Not sure if that was technically taking it easy, but, at least I passed on the usual 112 miles! Sunday I rode a really easy 45 miles with the gang. We barely broke 18mph! Wednesday was our 25th Wedding Anniversary, so I took the day off work (a big rest) and did a 45 mile ride in the morning with the WP YMCA gang. I could tell my legs were responding positively to the decreased mileage. Katie and I spent the day hanging around town...had a glass of wine on Park Avenue with Jack...then a fabulous dinner at Rocco's. I rode this morning and felt really good! I got my power (and my confidence) back! Rest is good!

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