Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day 6 Winslow,Az to Gallup,Nm 127.2 miles @ 18.5mph

One of the America by Bicycle Staff bikes…a “ROARK” titanium. It’s a beauty…even to a carbon fiber guy like me.

This is what we looked at for about 95 miles along I-40 today

Brian at the “lunch SAG”. You don’t go hungry!

Finally, as we approached Gallup,Nm the scenery changed.

I only took about 8 photos yesterday…that’s how empty the scenery was. Don’t get me wrong it was really beautiful…it just never changed til we got to the end. Note the only thing different in this shot is the red pebble road…I shot it! BTW, it was silky smooth, a huge relief from the interstate.

Today was really tough! I was actually longing for yesterday's mountains because we spent the entire day on I-40 (except the last 12 miles into Gallup). Riding on the Interstate is incredibly hard. Your senses are working overtime with 18 wheelers inches from you...and your body never gets a break from the constant grind without much change in elevation. Everyone is pretty wiped out. Tomorrow is our longest day yet at 143 miles (about 1/2 of that on I-40 again!) it's early to bed tonight. My legs feel great, it's the relationship between my body and my bike seat that needs some counseling!!

For some reason photos are not uploading from the Taj Mahal in which I staying....I'll try again in the morning.


dave ruhe said...

Reading your posting and checking pics every chance I get. Damn, you are almost as tough as Cori....keep up the great effort.

Dave Ruhe

Kev said...

Hi David! Just wanted to say it's amazing reading about the journey. Looking forward to seeing all of your pictures in the office when you're back! Take it easy, Kev

Anonymous said...


Your daily accounts and pics from your journey are great! Be safe and keep the comments and pics coming. Cheers!