Monday, April 16, 2007

this just in from the "Ride Leader"...

Hello Fast America Riders

It's about time to get started. You are probably chomping at the bit to get on the are we. I just wanted to send you an email to welcome you to the ride and to remind you of a couple things that are important in our operation before you arrive. First, you should have tons of miles in those legs by now...I know you folks from the frozen tundra of the northern states probably had a tough time getting saddle time, but if you did, you'll be right at home as the weather this year seems to be more fickle than usual. Be prepared for the extremes. We'll ride in the desert and we'll ride in the lingering winter of the northern states. Not to mention, we usually have snow somewhere around Flagstaff. You'll probably find any purchases you did procuring Goretex was well worth the money. Aside from that, where ever we ride, it will be long days everyday so your preparation will be put to the test...welcome the challenge!

One other thing, don't forget the 35 pound baggage limit. If you must bring more weight than that (and for the life of me, I can't imagine why), please bring a smaller second bag for the excess. We are limited on the weight we can carry with this large a group. We have a trailer for luggage but if everyone brings 60 pounds of "stuff," we'll have to leave something in California.

We will have bike assembly, safety checks, registration, and orientation on Sunday. Please arrive as soon as you can on Sunday so we can get everyone processed and the assembly done before early afternoon. We'll start our orientation session around 3:30. We want to have everything done before we start orientation. In orientation, we'll cover how we do business on the road, how our support works, what we expect from our riders, some important info that will keep you out of trouble during the trip, and answer any questions you may have about the ride. The front desk will have info on where we'll be meeting and when.

My crew will be on the road Monday, 16 April, morning and will arrive sometime on Friday. We have lots to do to prepare for your arrival and will be pretty busy all day Friday and Saturday. We are anxious to meet you all and get started. We're looking forward to a great ride across the US...when you get through, you will be in the best shape of your life. Spend the next few days resting more than you are riding. You will be glad you did. The first week is the toughest on paper. Until we get to Tucumcari on day 9, you'll have several days above 125 and none under 115...oh, forgot's only 100...but the 11,000 feet of climbing will make up for it. :-)

Until we meet on Sunday, be safe and take care. See you soon. Mike Munk, ABB Ride Leader


reb54 said...

Good luck DD, We will be following you by your post, so Please Post often.

ralphy54 said...

Good Lucky DD, we will be following your post and wishing we were there.

Gary said...

Keep it up David! Love seeing the pics and reading your commentary. Look forward to keeping up with over the next month. Gary

Dianne Sinclair said...

GOOD LUCK David! Keep safe!!
Happy 25th!!