Monday, April 23, 2007

Off we go!

Busy day yesterday...airport at 4A asleep at 9P. Had a huge dinner at Outback last night and then the first of what will likely be many trips to Denny's for breakfast!Bike arrived in good shape thanks to the "aircaddy" box. Scored a great roommate...Iaian, who is doing this ride in memory of his daughter who died late last year from a degenerative nerve disease. The weather is cool and cloudy as we get ready to head to the beach to "dip" our tires in the Pacific. We end up in the desert, so I've been stressing over the "freeze now or sweat to death later". It's hard to believe it's finally here...but off we go! Hopefully start adding in some photos after today! dd


Mike Starr said...

Awesome! All those 300 mile weeks are about to pay off. Can't wait to hear about the mountains. Just remember to stay away from the yellow snow.

Mike Starr

Wayne L said...

Sounds like you're well fueled for day #1. The blog updates will now be a part of my daily routine. You've trained well and are ready for the journey. Enjoy and good luck.