Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I-10...Part 2

Just back in from Denny's Grand Slam #3...(starting to get old!). We load bags in 45 minutes, so I'll do a quick update.

The first 40 miles today are back onto I-10. Yes, the west when there are no other options it is legal to ride on the interstate. The truckers are all pretty good about moving over and that rush of wind left in their wake pushes you down the road. I watched my speedometer jump about 5mph each time one came by...weeeeee! I have to apologize for last night's lame post. That was a long day in the desert and my brain was fried! The 3 weeks of rest leading up to this was the best thing I could have done. My legs feel great. My knees are a bit sore, but I think that's just from switching back onto this bike from my Kuota. Yesterday was a good day for me to sort out who I feel comfortable riding with. There are a couple of guys that I will steer clear of...strong cyclists, low on skills! We have developed a bit of a core group: Iain, me, Rob, Logan and Judd (all but Iain are "younger" than me...but thanks for noticing Owl-y). FYI, you can also go to "" and check out our ride leaders blog. More pics and a better description of what happened each day...because he's doing most of the route driving a van instead of peddling!

For all of the "Bobbies" out there...we have 2 girls on this trip. I'll try to get pics of them today!

I miss Katie!!!

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Gary said...

How can a Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast EVER get old???
Drink a Red Bull and Diet Coke for me. That will give you wings!'
Gary B.