Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Route map and profiles...

Each morning we get a detailed route map that list each turn to get to our destination. On the back is a ride "profile", basically and side view of the route that illustrates how much we will be climbing or descending. It has a mileage scale at the bottom, so you know at mile 80 you'll start a 10 mile climb. It is very helpful in planning your effort for the day. So far, no navigational issues. Today is easy...I-10 for 40 miles to Rt. 60...then another 80 miles to Wickenburg. dd


JJ said...

You are such an inspiration! How can anyone not be inspired by your determination?
Keep peddling - you are in my home state of AZ - and I'll be thinking of you as you head east across the Mogollon Rim.
Enjoy the mountain scenery for all of us back in flat Florida!

owlman said...

Keep it rolling, Disney! And to think we were suffering today on the teeny little hills on our puny Wednesday night ride with the extra loop! Hahaha. Pathetic, eh? The pics are great of the terrain and scenery.