Friday, May 4, 2007

Day 12 Liberal,Ks to Dodge City,Ks 83 miles @ 18.4mph

Today was a very easy day! Super foggy at the start until mile 24 when the sun finally broke out. We had our lunch SAG at The Dalton Gang Hideout in Meade, Ks. A few ramshackle buildings and a small museum…dedicated to the glamorous lives of a bunch of bank and train robbers…only in America!

Once the sun broke thru it turned into another perfect day for riding. We had a fairly stiff crosswind to deal with that shifted to a tailwind when we swung north to Dodge City for the last 20 miles. Rob and couldn’t hold back. He blasted off the front first. I let him get a mile or so ahead and then proceeded to run him down. It’s amazing what a couple of easy days will do to put some power back in these little “chicken legs” of mine! We found the town bakery…which happened to be right next to the barber shop. Everyone is so fascinated with our trip. It’s really fun to just hang out and talk with them. Most everyone walked into town…only to find out that most of the tourist-related stuff is down until the summer season.

Rob was on fire today. We laughed so hard this morning that we both almost had to get off the bike. We were discussing getting a (leg) massage in Topeka…and it went downhill form there. He also loves giving a waitress or shop person a hard time…just for the fun of it. After dinner, we stopped by the DQ for some ice cream…the exchange between Rob (totally straight-faced) and the girls behind the counter went something like this:

Rob: “what do you do with your mistakes?”
Girl: “mistakes?”
Rob: “you know, when you make the wrong flavor milkshake or cone”?
Girl: “you’ll have to talk to the manager”
Rob: “how many pushups can she do?”
Rob again: “how many pushups can YOU do?”
Rob again: “OK…what happens if you drop something on the floor? Can I have it?”

By now the girls (and me) are laughing hysterically….he just keeps going!!

Off to Great Bend, KS in the morning. It looks like we may have another big rain day tomorrow…even a threat of tornadoes! If it comes with a tailwind I can handle it. Missed out on a nap today…so off to bed for me!

Kasper sporting a new pair of spurs!!

It was a “Pea Soup” start out of Liberal today

Welcome to Kansas…a typical road. Wide shoulders and little or no traffic…bordered by wheat fields for as far as the eye can see!


Katie said...

I'm laughing because I know just how downhill you two go...Too funny.

David, I d n doe....


Zach F. said...

I've been following your adventure with great interest, awe and a little shame (for getting winded when riding my bike to the grocery store). Katie F and I are cheering from NC and we hope you have great weather the rest of the way!

Craig said...

Great trip guys!

Watch the weather today! Looks to be nasty!

Best of luck.