Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today's sky matched with the green of springtime made for some spectacular views.

The traffic in Nelliston was much heavier than we had expected...and very little road shoulder thru town.

Rollin' down Rt. 5E

The New York State countryside. Tomorrow it' s over those hills!

Many of the towns we rolled thru today have seen better days. It seems textiles were the main industry...and when those jobs all went to Bangladesh and China...these places fell on hard times. It's really pretty sad to see.


dave ruhe said...

Two Days to Go ....then I have no more blogs to look forward to.....GO MAN GO

Kev said...

I know...but I think there will be some withdrawl pangs too...it's been so fascinating following the journey. Thanks so much for sharing!

kiliff said...

I can't believe your almost finished, I'm really going to miss this daily adventure.

How do you feel about turning around and riding back to Cali? Perhaps riding home down the coast, it's all down hill......

Before your trip I only thought I wanted to do a ride like this, now I know I must do this ride one day! Thank you for sharing your journey.