Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Day 9 pics

The gang getting a little downhill in

Our “Gang of 9”…with Kasper and Judd on the front. Having 9 made managing today’s headwinds even easier.

Hard to believe…1000 miles in 8 1/3 days!

We take shade wherever we can get it. Pump 1 & 2 is Paul…Pump 3 & 4 is Kasper…Pump 5 & 6 is Greg and Pump 7 & 8 is Bill.

The longest, straightest road I have ever seen!

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Pam said...

Hi David: I am really enjoying your daily journal and wonderful photographs of the countryside and riders !!

I am Jud's mom and I tune in each day. What an amazing accomplishment you are experiencing. I hope to meet you in Lebanon, IN and I'll be bringing homemade cookies !! Give Jud a pat on the back for me....God's speed!! Pam