Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Rest Day ramblings!

It's hard to believe that we are at the 1/2 way point. The start in Costa Mesa seems like months ago.

It felt good to sleep in this morning. The Holiday Inn breakfast buffet took a major hit this morning with all of us descending upon it. I don't think that waffle iron has ever worked so hard!

My body has held up well. My legs are getting stronger...not necessarily faster! I plan to work on that in the last few days of the ride when I start adding in some hard interval efforts. Right now I just want to be sure I stay healthy and infury free! I have developed a whole new level of respect for those folks who tackle "Race Across America". I now know what 8 hours on the bike feels like and I can't imagine doing 20+ hours...for 9 days! The pain of riding long-distance is hard to describe. I do "stand-up" drills as often as possible. On the long days I've been known to do them for over a mile...just so my seat and my body can have some time away from each other. The knee pain I was having early on has gone away. I haven't had to "ice" since day 3!

My bike has been a dream! Zero mechanical issues...other than a squeeky front skewer (the screw mechanism that holds the wheel into the fork). Jere...YOU are my hero! I was going to try to make this crossing on one set of tires...planning to rotate the front to the back today. As I did a closer inspection...there are more than a dozen small tears in the tread from the "chip n' seal" roads we've been on. Between the rocks, wires and radial tires debris of the interstates...and the razor sharp stones on these country roads...my Continental GatorSkin tires have served me well! Rather than risk a rash of flats, I'll put a new set of tires on for the second half. In St. Joseph,MO...I'll put on a new chain. Everything else...all systems go!

Off for a little "social ride" in a bit. 20 or so miles to keep my legs fresh! We'll hit the local bike shop (funny it's called "Capp's"...I'll take care of you Cap) and then hang out and have a coffee with the locals. There's also a big nap in my future!



Lucy Groh said...

David, I am so proud of you for traveling this awesome journey. I am thrilled that you finally have a vacation day! I know you will do the trip in fine style and I pray God will bless your journey!
Love, Aunt Lucy

dave ruhe said...

1/2 way....keep it up. I have a lot of folks checking your blog.