Thursday, May 17, 2007

Downtown Frederictown, Ohio.

Iain and Judd were ahead of us thru this section of farm roads...where navigation can get very tricky. They missed this turn at Butler-Newville Rd. I thought about letting them climb that hill and figure it out on their own...but instead yelled for them to turn back! It's easy to get mesmerized by the sights out here and miss a turn.

Rob, Iain and Judd in full rain gear!

Rob and Judd about to make a withdrawal from the First Gravitational bank of Ohio!

Rob and Judd makng another deposit in the same bank where they just made a withdrawal!

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Cap said...

Hey Dave,
I'm sure I speak for many here in ORL. Thanks for taking the time each day to keep us abreast of your trip. I feel as though I'm making the trip with you......well mentally that is. I'll leave the physical part to you. Thanks again and be safe.
I've got some Whole Foods Market power bars waiting for you when you return. I look forward to riding with you soon.