Sunday, May 20, 2007

Day 28 Dunkirk,NY to Batavia,NY 89 miles

Today was pay-back for yesterday! It was raining and cold all day. My bike and my entire body were coated in NY States finest road grime. When I took off my leg warmers there was a “grime-line”. We rolled along the shore of Lake Erie north on Rt. 5 for the first 5 miles…then swung inland towards Batavia. We stopped in Orchard Grove to visit the World’s Largest collection of vintage bicycles. It was cool to learn the history of the bicycle…especially when you realize that many of the early roads were built for them, as cars had not yet been invented! Try explaining that to the next impatient driver who yells at you! The most amazing piece of history was a collection of memorabilia celebrating Thomas Stevens. Mr Stevens was the first person to ever ride a bike across the USA. He started in San Francisco and finished in New York…in 1884! There were no roads at the time…and certainly no Denny’s! How could you possibly ride across the USA without a Grand Slam to start your day? By the time we finished at the bike museum…it was raining pretty hard! A miserable trip into Batavia. I was freezing cold. We swung thru town to find some “local grub”…and ended up at a great pizza spot that was still hopping at 3:30P! I love a NY pizza!

Because it was so cold my ribs and back were really sore today…so I’m loading up on ibuprofen again. The last 4 days are all 120+ with plenty of hills. I still can’t stand to pedal (even to climb!), so I’m working the same muscles all day. The last day (Thursday)promises to be a real test of our fitness with several very long 15% climbs…one right out of the hotel. Hoping it’s warmer in the morning

Me, testing out a “bone-shaker”…just what I need!

The Thomas Steven’s memorabilia. That must have been one tough trip!

Just about every bike ever made

Judd...begging samples from the girls in the Candy Store in Batavia

My “grime-line”


PMack said...

Be sure to wash your leg, twice... :)

Cori said...

At least your toes are pretty! And how 'bout those hairless legs?!?

I feel for you with regard to the ribs. Hope the ibuprofen will help. Want me to overnight the percocet?