Tuesday, May 8, 2007

One last bit of "Rob-ing" before we leave Topeka

Rob and Craig with a Thank You gift for Katie!

Rob was so inspired by Katie's encouraging post, he couldn't wait to score a gift to show his appreciation! We went to Coyote Canyon, a local steak buffet (imagine Sweet Tomatoes with a full-on steak, chicken and pork chop station) for dinner tonight.
As soon as we walked in, Rob asked to see the manager (can you see the pattern here?). I went on to the buffet and when I returned the manager was sitting with Rob at our table. He returned a few minutes later with a Coyote Canyon t-shirt. Rob had asked if he could get one as a gift for (my wife) Katie. So, now I have another paid endorsement to post: Coyote Canyon is one of only 7 Kansas restaurants to receive a "BOB" (Best of the Best) award from the Governor...for cleanliness and food quality. It was very tasty!


Katie said...

Rob, you're turning this into an artform. Thanks for the tee, but don't 'robb' on my account!

Have fun guys!

All good things...Katie

Todd said...

Now THAT sounds like my type of place... Steak buffet...