Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Lot's of rollers again today. More of these over tomorrow's 154 mile course...OUCH!

Me hangin' onto the Dekalb Fire Engine

Some beautiful roads that make the downhills fun!

Rob, Jimmy and me. Jimmy's wife of 60 years, LulaBelle, opened the Community Center so we had a restroom.


Anonymous said...

David...this is Rob's jess, I am so glad you to get to visit my favorite state, Missouri. I hope you enjoy it and take many, many pictures, but hurry up and get to Illinois.

Anonymous said...

David I love this picture (the one of the white barn). You look and sound great. I'm glad that your still riding strong. I'm heading off to South Beach for the weekend to try to even out my tan! I'll be thinking of you while I'm trying to hang on to the Miami ride on Saturday. take care and stay well. Best --Angelo