Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day 24 Richmond,IN to Marysville,OH 105 miles

While I was posting late last night..I could hear thunder and rain. It was still wet as we rolled out of Richmond,IN this morning. Just a few miles in we crossed into Ohio...another state closer!! The weather stayed pretty gloomy throughout the day...with a few light sprinkles as we got close to Marysville. The first 65 miles of todays ride was along the Cardinal Bike Route. It's a beautiful road that goes across Ohio farmlands that look just like those in Indiana! Lot's of historic houses out here. I forgot to mention that the last 40 miles of yesterday's ride were along historic Rt. 40. Also known as the National Trail, it was commissioned in 1806 as the first "highway" into the center of the country. The houses along the route were really amazing. The cemeteries are also quite beautiful. The earliest tombstone I have seen was from 1854. It's really cool seeing this bit of American history.

I rode with Team Europe for most of the day today..while Judd* and Rob took today off as recovery. Tomorrow is all hills...again! The winds are forecast at 20 mph from the north...directly into our faces. I am not looking forward to this one!
It's also gotten cold. The forecast is for low 40's in the morning and highs in the mid-50's.

Judd and I go on high alert as we enter town. We look for either a place to get a "local meal", a milkshake or a bakery. Today, we caught a glimpse of Mrs. Renisons Doughnut Shop. As we passed I could smell the aroma of fresh doughnuts. They were magnificent. I had 2 regular glazed...way better than Krispy Kreme...and chocolate cake that was out of sight! Searching for and finding these little places has become an art form!

Sorry to cut this short again tonight. I need some sleep!

Welcome to Ohio!

*Judd rode with us for a bit today. It gave me a chance to take a photo that illustrates how the liitle guy in a paceline can use a big guy as a wind block. Here Big Greg provides a nice "out-of-the-wind" spot for little Judd. The wind is coming from the left.

My buddy Bill...pulling the gang across Ohio

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Katie said...

David, Just got home from having a flat tire, could have used your help. You know how good I am at that...not! It was actually a blow out.

Keep having fun!