Saturday, May 5, 2007

An ominous sky greeted us this morning. It cleared nicely as we rolled into Great Bend…though we are back under tornado warnings again this afternoon

Katie got me this antique St. Christopher medal to wear when I was training for Ironman. This gives you an idea of how hard the crosswinds were blowing us this morning. That’s it flapping in the breeze off my left shoulder!

Rolling into Larned, Kansas

This is how I rig my que sheet everyday. It calls out mileage, turns, towns and stores. You do not want to get lost out here!

Our one stop today! Hey , I can’t resist an old bike shot!


Nisan said...

Thank for the dessert pictures...

now, can I get more pictures of your unzipped chest?
uh-la-la....we hit jackpot

Gary said...

Wow! Stay safe out there. And bring back that bike with the garland on it. I can ride that here in 220.
Gary B.