Monday, May 7, 2007

Day 15 Abilene,KS to Topeka,KS 108 miles @ 18.5mph

After yesterday, we were all a little tired. I know I was ready to take it easy today...and I was definitely looking forward to getting to Topeka and our only rest day (Tuesday). What a beautiful route today! Rural country roads with zero traffic. Lot's of rolling hills that remind me of Buckhill Rd out near Clermont. It was a fairly tough day with a steady stream of hills to climb. The fields are so green because it's been raining here for weeks! All of the rivers we passed were flooded and many fields are still under water. The frogs seem very happy. They made this funny whirring a "ray gun" sound effect in one of those low-budget 50's sci-fi movies. Had a couple groups of horses run along the fence with me...I love that! As I descended this huge hill into the town of Eskridge, cell phone went off. I really wanted to talk to Katie but I was going about 45mph! When I got into town there was no longer a cell signal. So I ate lunch really fast and then started climbing back up the hill to get a signal again. I sure do miss you Katie!!!

I rode the last 50 miles into Topeka by myself. I'm not a big fan of riding solo at home...but out here it's fun to just roll at your own pace. It's also incredibly quite...very peaceful! The beauty of the countryside kept me busy today.

Had a great Thai dinner tonight...thanks to Sam for driving us around! We'll do a little "social ride" tomorrow to the local bike shop...and just to keep our legs fresh. I'm looking forward to sleeping in! dd

Steve rolling thru the Kansas countryside

I like to do the Cowboy "click" to get the horses to run along with us. Katie say's they want to part of our "herd". It always makes me smile when they play along!

Real tree...artificial flowers

Following Karen, one of our ride leaders, and Shane, our bike mechanic, up a climb.

Looking back across the Kansas countryside. Very nice!


Katie said...

Those horses won't get too close to that electric fence, but I bet they'll ride along side of you for as long as they can...born to run! Looks like they're all mares and fillies, very pretty!

I miss you too David, but this will be over before you know it...Keep having fun!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how proud I am of you! I really appreciate the great photos and discriptive dialog...I can feel the burn!
Have a great day off. Keep up the good work. Ciao, Angelo

loco said...

dave , keep it up. hope your bike is well. say hello for me. jere