Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Day 30 Liverpool,NY to Amsterdam,NY 120 miles

Beautiful weather again today...40 degrees at the start...and up to the 70's by the time we rolled into Amsterdam. It was a little crazy out there today. I find it interesting that in a trip across the entire country...it's not until we get into New York (which would probably argue it is "the" most sophisticated state) that the crazy people come out to harrass us! What's up with these NY drivers??? We had an old lady run me completely off the road...and at least 5 other cars full of idiots who thought it would be great fun to yell out the window at us. Other than that...it was another spectaular day on the bike!
Today's route took us across Rt. 5E...thru more than a dozen small towns. Many of which date back to the mid-1700's. Most have seen better days. It's really sad to see what bad shape these historic areas are in. Some pretty important events in our nation's history took place around here. We crossed portions of the Erie Canal, we checked out one of the first fortified farms to be established in what was then Mohawk indian country. We also passed a bunch of historic homes and meeting places. It was fun to see. A mix of road surfaces today from ultra-smooth with a wide shoulder to chip n' seal with no shoulder. We really had to be on out toes! A good bit of long climbs again today...with two more days of it before we reach the Atlantic.
I definitely feel more powerful. The last few days of having to sit while climbing have also helped. I was able to stand and climb today...WOW, what a difference. My ribs still hurt, though mostly when I laugh...which is a lot!

I can't believe how many women mow the lawn up here. I would say that well over 3/4 of the people we have seen mowing the lawn are female. Riding mowers, push mowers...heck, in the Mennonite areas I saw women using old manual mowers!
I think the smell of fresh cut grass will always remind me of this journey.

Only two days left!!! They'll both be tough! I really want to gauge my fitness...so, I think I'll work hard both days. We've been taking it easy and "soaking in" the last few days.

Mike warned us all today that we should start "tapering down" from the huge meals. Without expending those 4000+ calories a day....one could swell up in a hurry! Cutting back on breakfast will be the hardest for me. At home, a big bowl of cereal is all I usually need before a long ride. Now that I have grown accustomed to the "Grand Slam"...it could be a challenge.

Gotta get some sleep! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and miss you Katie!

My last Denny's on this trip...and, hopefully, FOREVER!

Today's profile. Yes, it was a little hilly! Tomorrow and the last day are supposed to offer considerably more climbing

The World's Smallest Church in Canastota,NY

New York Rt 5E


PMack said...

Women mowing lawns???
Wow, I need to ship some of their water down to my house...

elsie said...

This time of year, with those cool nights, lawns sometimes need to be mowed twice a week in this part of the world. And if you guys had cycled these roads just four weeks ago, the trees would still be bare!

We're glad you're safe and feeling better. Thanks Rob.