Thursday, May 10, 2007

My "Care Package"!!!!

Today's ride was pretty epic...but it paled in comparison to getting my care package! Thanks for taking care of me!

Oh yeah!!! A 2-Pack of Nutella and the rest of my Clif Shots (Thanks to my beautiful wife!!), some of my favorite brownies from Whole Foods (Thanks Nora!!), and soem Spinach lavash wraps (Thanks Jorge!!). All boxed up with a great card! Thanks for taking care of me. Happy to report the brownies are gone. Nutella tub #1 has sustained some serious damage and may not make it til morning! Tub #2 will have to be rationed!

Rob and I destroying the nutella and brownies as part of our post 145 mile ride feeding frenzy!

Downtown Trenton,MO I stay on "6" or take the "DD"???

Ruby Tuesday's in Kirksville,MO. We did some serious damage to their salad bar and then dove into our entree's

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Nisan said...

Since reading your log, this is the first time I've felt envy
I'm not envious of the riding, pain, hills, tornados...ok, maybe a little envious of the camaraderie...the laughs

I wish I was there for the brownies with nutella