Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Day 9 Las Vegas, Nm to Tucumcari, Nm 110 miles @ 16mph

It’s hard to find an FTD Florist out here, so here are some flowers for my beautiful wife! I love you Katie…and miss you very much!

The scenery today was absolutely breathtaking! I have always been a big fan of the high plains…and they did not disappoint. After the last 3 days, everyone was ready for a “bunny ride”…if you call 110 miles over a pretty hilly and extremely windy course a bunny ride! As you can see by our average speed…we took it easy. We had a gang of 9 today, which made it even easier….me, Judd, Rob (who treated us to his version of “Moon over Tucumcari”), Kasper, Bill, Greg, Brian, Guenter and Paul. The weather was perfect..and the roads were in incredible condition with very few cars. We rode two abreast most of the day. My legs really needed a break today. We had a few really tough climbs and I could really feel them in my legs. Another great day on the bike!! dd


Anonymous said...

ahhhh shucks.... I might turn diabetic after that. Enjoying your entries, amazed by your trip, fascinated by the pictures. Take care, Cousin Betsy in Portland

Katie said...

Thank you for the flowers babe...Just got back from S. Florida, and saw them. Very sweet!


Betsy, you're just jealous...giggles, hugs to the boys