Sunday, May 6, 2007

More tornado warnings!

Late last night we were rousted from our rooms once again to take shelter in the lobby. There was another tornado on the ground...this time just two miles to our east! Thankfully, nothing like the storm that hit Greensberg! I'm waiting for our ride leader to return and give us the morning update. He is out in the van driving today's course to be sure it is clear of flooding and debris, as we'll be riding thru the path of last night's storm...great! It's raining pretty hard outside and the winds are howling from the SE. Today's route (123 miles) goes due east for 73 miles before turning north into it will not be easy! The hotel is full of Electrical & Emergency workers all headed to Greensberg to help out. It's hard to believe that an entire town is gone! I want to get out of Kansas as quickly as I hope Mike comes back with good news and allows us to get going! This morning's radar looks pretty bleak with these rain showers moving to the NE towards our destination in Abilene.

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