Sunday, May 6, 2007

Day 14 pics

"I-Man" and Kasper waiting out the storm in the Canton,KS convenience store...with a friendly arm-wrestling session!
After a day of riding, your arms are the only parts of your body with any strength left!

We were "hunkered down" in this store for well over an hour! Ken getting a nap against the drink cooler. 28 cyclists and one poor part-time cashier. Her only complaint was that we had increased the humidity inside the store...and she was starting to sweat! Her manager will be impressed with her increased sales today! I hope she at least gets a promotion out of the deal!

Today was one tough ride! I was never so happy to see downtown Abilene!

A mid-dinner snap of my post-ride food throwdown! I know it looks like a caveman went after it. We had a huge plate of nachos and another huge plate of spring rolls...then the main course followed by desserts!


Katie said...

Hang in there David. I know the last few days have been truly miserable.

You're very much missed here, everyone asks about you.

Idea n Dough P.B.!


MK said...

David, thanks for posting all of this for us to read. We are friends of Robs and I have been so concerned about the weather and was dying to get on here today and see what happened. I have a colleage working in Hutchinson, KS today and she called to report all of the devastation that she saw around her. Glad you guys are being safe and sounds like you have a great team working on your behalf. Again, many thanks for your updates! Mike & Holly K