Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Off on a "Rob-ing" spree!

This is my attempt at alerting the eastern half of the USA...that Rob is coming! If you work in either a Fast Food joint or a Health food store anywhere between Topeka,KS and Amesbury,Mass...prepare yourself!

Today was an epic day for what I will now refer to as "Rob-ing". It's kinda like "shopping", but takes way more charm! I have referred to this in earlier posts but today was extra special! We rode down to Capp's bike shop here in Topeka...me, Iain, Rob and the new guy, Dan (he didn't have clue what he was in for!). I needed to have the grease purged from my pedals and a new chain installed. While Capp's "ace mechanic", Jeremy Nutsell, was working on my bike...Rob rolled over to the local health food store. He soon returned with an entire backpack full of endurance and recovery drinks. Seems they were out-of-date and when Rob asked about a discount, the manager just gave them to him!!! Next came a trip to the Juice Stop. I got a smoothie and explained to the manager that Rob would only be interested if he could get a 20% discount. Without hesitation the deal was done! Then the Holy Grail of "Rob-ing"...ARBY's! Rob strolls in and asks for the manager. She's skeptical at first, but soon turns over a free order of curly fries. As we rolled out of the parking lot, she comes out and gives him a free shake!!
It's unbelieveable! Fast Food managers are putty in his hands! I can't stop laughing! I'm convinced if we needed it...he could stroll onto a used car lot and get us a free car in under 10 minutes! He's a genius! Just look how happy it makes these people!! I could go into another chapter about our trip to the Thai restaurant last night. As I hold the front door open for an 85 year old lady exiting with her to-go bag...Rob comes right out with a "how much for your take-out?" I gotta hand it to her, she never hesitated with "for you...20 bucks!!" I thought he was going into a slump. Clearly he recovered today!

Rob and some of today's haul!

Rob with the Arby's manager and his free milkshake!

Rob with his free curly fires!

Juice for the Journey! This is a paid endorsement...Rob says, "Without Juice Stop I would never have been able to peddle across the country!"

Rob with the Juice Stop manager


Katie said...

Rob, you missed your calling! David would faint from embarrassment before asking for a discount, samples, or freebies...You go Rob!

Good giggles you guys!

Owlman said...

DD -

When are you coming back from this crazy pursuit? Zilla has gone over the deep end and needs your counseling: