Saturday, May 19, 2007

Day 27 Niles,OH to Dunkirk,NY 138 miles @ 18.4mph

Not much to say about today other than...EPIC! "THE" best ride of my life! The weather was chilly and sunny at the start and stayed cool the rest of the day. Mostly because we rode along the eastern shore of Lake Erie for over 50 miles with a 20+mph tailwind...woohoo! Left Niles,OH and traveled thru more spectacular Ohio farmlands...then into Pennsylvania. The first half of Pennsylvania was mostly forest...then turned into the vineyards as we got to Lake Erie. The lake was truly spectacular! Bright blue like the sky! Beautiful homes perched all along the cliff a couple hundred feet above the water. A lady we met (who lives right on the cliff) explained that they get very little snow and that it really doesn't get that cold as the lake helps moderate the temps.

It was really a great day! Great views, great friends and lot's of laughs! And a trip to the winery just to top it off! I doubt the Concord from Penn Shore winery will make Owlman's "wine thread" on the Windermereroadies site...but it sure was good on a day like today! Hey, suddenly my ribs don't hurt quite as much!

Rob and I have been duking it out with Judd trying to win sprints to the "City Limit" signs. Since none of us have every ridden the route (and have no idea where the signs will be)...we've all got to be on our toes! Go too early and Judd will be able to ramp up his sprinter legs and run you down. I go for the stealth approach. I look far ahead to see the sign and then slowly drop back...lulling him into thinking I haven't seen it...then I jump with a surprise attack! It's my only hope!

I hope today's pictures tell the story!! 138 miles of pure bliss! It's funny how easy it is to ride these distances now. We have all gotten really strong.

I am a very fortunate man! I love you Katie!

Me and my shadow!

Rob and Judd in the early morning light

Ken and his shadow

Rob and Judd

The last of the beautiful Ohio farmlands

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Cori said...

DR, lovely photos as always. Thanks also for making an "appearance" at my surprise birthday party last night. Heads will roll over that one! Still, it wouldn't have been the same without hearing your voice. We look forward to having you back home soon. Cori ;-)