Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Day 17 Topeka,KS to St. Joseph,MO 89 miles @ 18.8mph

It was another beautiful day on the bike! We started out with a guest rider, a local hammer who joined us for a the first 30 miles. The original plan was to take it easy today: (1) because we were off yesterday (2) because we knew how hard tomorrow's 154 miler in the hills will be....that plan didn't last long. Before we knew it we were clipping along at much for easing back into it! The second half of the ride got really hilly. We'll see plenty more of that tomorrow with over 7000 feet of climbing.

It was nice to see trees again after the bleakness of the Kansas prairie. As we get farther east, we pass a small town or village every few miles rather than every 50 or so miles when we were out west. St. Joseph,MO is a really beautiful's nice to be in a neighborhood again. Had a fabulous BBQ lunch at "Bandana's BBQ" and ,yes, Rob scored a free bandana!!! It'll be early to bed tonight with another "signature day" on the bike tomorrow! I am really glad to be out of Kansas safe and sound! Those weather days were really tough and very scary!


Welcome to Missouri!! We're not in Kansas anymore...thankfully!

Karen and Mike look like guides with a group of Japanese tourists!

Crossing the Missouri River bridge

This is a view of ther flooding along the Missouri River. We hope the rains hold off!


flip said...

David... I must say the recent photos of you are awesom! The one of you pointing to the Missouri sign looks like something out of Saturday Night Fever,,, and you got some nice air hanging off of the fire engine... just check out the sunglasses!!! Keep going strong...

kiliff said...

I feel like I'm missing out on such a great trip! Your totally making me remember why I love my bike so much.

I can't wait to see what rob's next free item will be. Place your bets people.