Thursday, May 10, 2007


I've been on the lookout for sheep since we started this ride. Here ya go Nora!

Cresting a hill in the early morning

All of those miles in the west and we never really saw a "Cowboy" on a horse. Today, in Missouri...we did...go figure!

The "3-pack" plus Pam. She rode with us this morning til we got to the first SAG. She lives in Southern Missouri and is used to these hills.

Today's route was really beautiful!


Anonymous said...

I told you Missouri is the best state! I am so proud to be from MO and so glad you are enjoying it. Keep the pics coming, we have so many friends in Illinois who are checking your site daily. Thanks.

Nisan said...

Oh good.....sheeps!!
I love the pictures...thank you!

hum, by any chance..... did you also see a herding dog?