Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 18 St. Joseph,MO to Kirksville,MO 146 miles @ 19.6mph

I must was the day I really wanted to have a great ride. It is the longest day of the tour and I wanted to test out the fitness and strength all of these miles have put into my legs! Rob, Judd and I have all been trying to ride smart the last few days leading up to the rest day. We took it easy yesterday by just adding in a few hard efforts across a relatively easy 89 miles. We all felt great today! We had a great strategy for dealing with the hills...where drafting is less effective. The guy on the front would roll into the valley...just as the climb began the opther two would roll thru and give him a wind break...the collective momentum helped us get up over 50 tough hills today. Today's course was by far the most beautiful of the tour. We made it Kirksville at 2:45PM! I honestly thought I would prefer riding out west...but the beauty of west-central Missouri is really something to see. Around every corner is some really cool little town or farmhouse. Beautiful horses, cows and ....oh, yeah...DOGS! The problem with riding with Rob is this: I'm on the front as we approach a farmhouse...I scan the front yard for dogs and see one...he is completely unaware of our presence...I give Rob the "silence" sign and he blurts out..."another dog?"...loud enough to be heard 1/2 a mile away...the dog immediately turns and gives chase...focusing on, you guessed it, ME! This happened about 5 times today! Each time I get this huge rush of adrenoline that only lasts 10 seconds (enough for a quick sprint until Fido gives up!)...then turns my legs to rubber! The highlight of the day was passin thru the Mennonite community of Jamesport,MO. It is really amazing to think that people still live such a simple life. Makes you wonder if what you are doing is really that important after all???!!! We were really flying again today...and got out ahead of our SAG support. Barbara flagged us down for water and we noticed that Mike had made a trip into the bakery in Jamesport There were fresh cinnamon buns and we were hungry. Barb had to fend us off like wild dogs! They were really tasty! My computer battery is about to die...gotta go! dd

Today's killer profile

Early morning roll thru the country

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Mike Starr said...

Man, was I jealous when i saw the report on this ride. 146 miles, over 50 hills! Awesome. Can't wait to hear even more details when you get back.