Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day 23 Lebanon,IN to Richmond,IN 112 miles

Day 23 The Update!

The first 20 miles of our ride out of Lebanon to Richmond started out great. We passed thru more of the beautiful countryside we have enjoyed for the last few days. The only problem was it seemed to be "spray day" in the fields. The first blast was ammonia. Apparently, they inject it into the soil to activate the nitrogen. It about knocked me out! The middle of the ride, however, was a bit more nerve wracking. The route took us across the NE corner of Indianapolis' sprawl. Miles and miles of what used to be corn and wheat fields...now being turned into subdivisions! Cement trucks and haulers of all sizes try to squeeze by us on very narrow roads. It reminds me of what is happening on the west side of Orlando. Once we got clear of the Indy area...it was back to farmlands. The winds stayed pretty strong again today...alternating from cross to tail winds as we turn north and east on these farm roads.

I stayed up way too late doing 4 days of blog backlog...and paid the price for it today!

Today was tough. More crosswinds and hills...I'm tired!
It's time for this blogger to go to sleep! 5A wake-up in the morning! Details tomorrow!!

Visited the ROARK (no relation unfortunately!) bicycle factory today. This titanium track bike won "Best Titanium" at this years Hand-made Bike Show. It is beautiful!

Today's view

Judd and I trying to outrun some farm machinery!

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PMack said...

Good to see you posting again.
I think you need to get one of those "Roark" bikes...